Southern Sector of Damascus

Southern Sector of Damascus:

Since the beginning of the Syrian war, southern Damascus area has suffered an escalating siege. The siege included southern areas both in Damascus and in its southern suburbs such as:

Yalda, Babbila, Bait Sahem, al-Tadamon, al-Qadam, Mukhayam al-Yarmouk (al-Yarmouk Camp), and al-Hajar al-Aswad.

  • Babbila, Bait Sahem and al-Hajar al-Aswad are administratively affiliated with Damascus suburbs.
  • However, al-Qadam, al-Yarmouk Camp and al-Tadamon are administratively affiliated with Damascus city.

The aforementioned areas have been besieged since 2012 when military campaigns started. The area was subject to random shelling.

The siege signals were clear to everyone at all levels. A huge number of deaths was recorded among children, elderlies and the youth in al-Yarmouk Camp and in Yalda. Deaths were accompanied by the lack of essential medications for old people chronic diseases as well as emergency medications for different age groups.

The lack of food and medicine resulted in 68 deaths in al-Yarmouk Camp and Yalda.

Government services including water, power and health are unavailable in these areas for political reasons. There is a blockade on food and medicine.

Volunteers and experienced people within besieged areas tried to provide services through alternative systems via humanitarian organizations. However, the response to besieged areas [needs] was weak. In many cases, there was no response at all.

This report discusses the situation in three areas, Yalda, Babbila and Bait Sahem for the following sectors:
Health , water and nutrition.