Raqqa in Numbers

Raqqa in Numbers:

Arraqah governorate has been under IS control since th beggining of 2014 and considered to be the capital of IS in Syria, and now is being targeted in an operation called (Gadab Alfurat) by the so-called “Democratic Syria Forces” who already seized the northern areas (Tal Abyad) and now marching towards the western countryside to reach the city of Tabqa and the Furat dam.

The other opponent is the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which is slowly advancing towards Albab city and the west of Arraqqah later. However, there is an important obstacle that is the city of Manbej which is under “Democratic Syria Forces” DSF. In this complicated situation, there is a strong need for an independent third party that can provide information and the-day-after plans so that Arraqqah can gain back its substantial value in Syria.