Launch ”3RD Aleppo Relief” Campaign

Launch ”3RD Aleppo Relief” Campaign:

The estimated number of besiged civilians inside the eastern city of Aleppo, more than 70 thousand civilians, the evacuation began in 15/ December/2016 , the people will arrive the rural western areas of Aleppo and Idleb countryside.

due to the catastrophic humanitarian situation, which happened for more than 70 thousand civilians within the besieged Aleppo, and in order to avoid the crisis when they arrive outside Aleppo ,
announced by the Al-ameen for humanitarian support , BINAA INSAN organization, Al-Amal humanitarian Organization and the AL-NAJAT charity organization , launched ” 3RD Aleppo relief campaign”,  which intends to provide assistance to the people of Aleppo, the moment they arrive outside the siege until their arrival in the accommodation centers and safe areas
new camp had created near the Dana district in rural Idlib where accommodate 5,000 civilians, in 100 tents supported with heating and food supplies , and there is center to provide the bread to the population, and also the provision of health facilities, bathrooms and water tanks.

The campaign will also work on securing and processing a number of apartments to accommodate the huge numbers of displaced people.