Research Services:

Al-Ameen’s DNA Unit also provides third-party research services in previously mentioned provinces, which include Al Hassakeh, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, Aleppo, Idleb, Lattakia, Hama, Rif Homs, Daraa, Qunietra, and Rif Damascus. Al-Ameen services include the following:

Analytical Reports: With a strong team of researchers and analysts, Al-Ameen is able to provide the humanitarian community with analytical reports containing possible future scenarios on specific areas in Syria. The team works with experienced individuals who know Syria very well, as well as cross checks information and provides background, in order to develop accurate reports with strong analysis.

Needs Assessment/Data Reports on Specific Sector: Al-Ameen is able to conduct rapid needs assessments in any of the mentioned provinces for local and international organizations in the FSL, Education, and Health sector. In addition to providing data and information concerning the sector in a specific location, Al-Ameen is also able to provide recommendations on possible interventions for the target area, as Al-Ameen has experienced experts in each of the mentioned sectors.


Community Profiles/Geographic focus reports: Al-Ameen is able to provide information concerning a specific town or city to provide a more comprehensive outlook of the needs and necessities on client target area. With Al-Ameen’s far reaching network, these can be developed rapidly according to client specifications. Lastly, Al-Ameen is also able to provide analysis on the economy and market place on client target city or town.

Consultancy: Al-Ameen provides consultancies to local and international organizations, who are seeking new opportunities, need vetting information, or are in need of recommendations. Al-Ameen’s DNA experts are available to meeting, present, or provide reports concerning interventions within a certain program.


Monitoring and Evaluation Services:

Al-Ameen’s Monitoring and Evaluation team are separate from the Program Unit and function under DNA. This is done in an effort to remove all bias from monitoring and evaluation activities. With four years of experience performing M&E activities in Syria, Al-Ameen has gained a strong perspective and network on the best methodologies to evaluate projects in Syria.

Third-party Monitoring and Evaluation – Al-Ameen collaborates with the client to design and implement a monitoring and evaluation mechanism in difficult areas, agreeing on outputs and delivering based on set agreement.

Flash Surveys – with Al-Ameen’s far reaching network and staff in Syria, surveys are conducted regularly to gain a glimpse of community reaction. The questions are designed by the M&E team to specifically focus on area and topic of interest, and the information is standardized in all surveys. Al-Ameen attempts to conduct flash surveys throughout the project cycle, to monitor the changes in the community.

Rapid Appraisal – When requested by the Al-Ameen’s Programs team or a client, Al-Ameen’s M&E team are able to conduct rapid interviews, focus groups, and field observations to aid in a programmatic decision. The M&E team will conduct a minimum number of interviews, and include field observations, to provide general views and feedback.

Impact Evaluation – Al-Ameen’s final impact evaluation reports are released after completing and assessing all of the other methods above, as well as conducting the following list:

  • Lesson learned workshop with those who were a part of the project by identifying project strength and weaknesses.
  • Final interviews and general survey with the target population, evaluation the project and its benefits.
  • Analysis of project impact, by assessing the indicator and measuring according to outputs and outcomes.