Deir Al-Zour, The Forgotten City

Deir Al-Zour, The Forgotten City:

Deir Al-Zour is located in the eastern part of Syria on the Syrian-Iraqi border and is considered the capital of the eastern region.

The Euphrates River passes through it and divides it into two areas:

The western region is located west of the Euphrates River and extends towards the desert of Sham and is called the Shamia area.

The eastern region is located east of the river and extends north and north-east and is called the Jazeera area.

Deir Al-Zour is about 33,000 km in size and is the second largest governorate in the Syrian Arab Republic. It has a population of 1600,000 people, mainly in rural areas, where the rural population constitutes 73% of the total population in Deir El-Zour

Deir Al-Zour is administratively divided into three districts (Deir Al-Zour, Al-Mayadin, Al-Bu Kamal), 11 districts and 128 villages

Most of the people of Deir al-Zour belong to different clans and tribes. The tribal structure is one of the most difficult social structures in the province, despite the fact that it was exposed to more cracks during the Syrian war years.

Deir al-Zour was one of the first cities to participate in peaceful demonstrations against the Assad regime in March 2011.

It was one of the first provinces to witness direct armed confrontations between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s forces since early 2012.

Deir al-Zour remained under the control of the Free Army, With the exception of the military airport and a number of neighbourhoods of Deir Al-Zour (Al-Jouret-Al-Qusour-Hrabesh), until mid-2014, where the terrorist organization so called Islamic state “IS” after bloody battles could control all areas that were under the control of the Free Army and remained areas controlled by the regime intact.