Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support

About Us:

Al Ameen, short for Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support, is a non-profit organization, established in 2012 in Northern Syria. Starting as a group of activists with a mission of helping all conflict-affected people of Syria, Al-Ameen had to grow and expand in order to deal with huge and poorly satisfied humanitarian, rehabilitation, and development needs of conflict-affected communities throughout the country. An expanding scope of military operations, increased displacement of Syrian people and lack of centralized government to provide administration and services in many areas of the country, provided background for the organization’s expansion and growth as it worked vigorously to support people and communities in dire need.

Aiming to significantly contribute to emergence of a new Syria, where full human development and human rights of every individual are guaranteed, the work of Al-Ameen focuses on providing access to basic resources and protection of human rights for all citizens of Syria. The organization also actively works to empower and inspire citizens to take active, constructive, and prominent roles in the life and governance of their society. Through its divers programs, Al-Ameen has already reached and supported thousands of people in Syria.

Building on the organization’s significant expertise and the credibility gained through years of country-wide implementation of education, medical, and food security and livelihoods programs, Al-Ameen is increasingly active in advocacy in these sectors and beyond.  In all of their interventions, Al-Ameen involves local communities and aims to build constructive working relationships between citizens, civil society, and local authorities.

Inspiration behind our Mission Statement:

“Together, we can Inspire change,” was the result of a community effort. Al-Ameen first began as a coordination group that emerged to fulfill the medical and food security needs of the people within the Idlib province.  The coordination group worked together to alleviate the pains of those who were suffering in the community. After one of the coordination group founders, Ameen, was martyred, the group decided to dedicate their work to his inspiration.

Al-Ameen, a product of the Syrian community, evolved into a fully functioning organization supporting projects in all parts of Syria.  “Together,” we in Al-Ameen are focused on being of service to our people, and we continue to believe “we can inspire change.”