Al Ameen, short for Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support, is a non-profit organization, established in 2012 in Northern Syria. Starting as a group of activists with a mission of helping all conflict-affected people of Syria, Al-Ameen had to grow and expand in order to deal with huge and poorly satisfied humanitarian, rehabilitation, and development needs of conflict-affected communities throughout the country. An expanding scope of military operations, increased displacement of Syrian people and lack of centralized government to provide administration and services in many areas of the country, provided background for the organization’s expansion and growth as it worked vigorously to support people and communities in dire need.


Al-Beit Al-Suri

We are hoping to establish a community center, called Beit al-Suri, in Gaziantep, Turkey. The community center will be a hub for Syrians to gain new skills and perspectives. Beit al-Suri will hold professional development workshops, computer programming workshops, women empowerment projects, community discussions, language courses, and other workshops recommended and needed by the community. In hopes of empowering individuals to sustain themselves and grow. Additionally, Beit al-Suri will also encourage the value of volunteerism, giving youth the opportunity to volunteer and be a part of a team.